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Phytobiotechnology Research Foundation (PRF) is a Non Governmental organization registered with the Cameroon Government (CIG Reg. No:NW/GP/29/07/10856).it was registered in May 2007 though its activities had begun earlier in 2005, while the vision started in 2000. Registration is in accord with the Cameroon Government Provision of law No. 92/006 of August 14 and its decree of implementation No. 92/455/pm of November 23rd, 1992 regulating Common initiative groups.


The Mission of PRF is to conduct research into the tropical infectious diseases with view to developing low cost drugs that would address endemic and pandemics like malaria, tuberculosis ,dysentery ,Cancers, hepatic diseases/disorders, auto immune disorders, HIV/AIDS respectively in tandem with other areas of need as and when identified as such.PRF recognizes that to tackle health sustainably, food security and  the environment must be considered vehemently and as such,PRF has as one of its  focal objectives to promote the application of environmentally sound and organic technologies in solving health, food security and environmental problems with the context of the environment in which she works.


PRF also thrives to promote health education and capacity building in the use of these simple low cost medical technologies in a form that would be appealing, effective and accessible to our people and in harmony with nature.





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