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Our facilities include but not limited to the following:

1.    Laboratory:
We have a medical diagnostic laboratory that carries out comprehensive, microbiological, serological, haematological and chemical pathological analyses at a reliable and affordable cost for our patients and training of medical students.

2.    Facilities for Cross cutting research work is also available:
our microbial culture section is capable of carrying out identification of human, and  plant pathogens as well as pathogens in veterinary specimens. We try to keep a culture collection bank for local strains or organisms for Research studies.

3.    Facilities for microbiological quality control for water and waste water is also available. Some of our equipment includes, Autoclave, weighing balance, electrical and top loading scales. Oven, spectrophotometer, water bath, burnsen burners, range of culture media, microscopes, staining reagents, assorted glasswares, serological kits(Chlamydia, syphilis, prostate cancer, HIV, H.pylori etc.

4.    FacilitiesAvailable for Natural Product Research(Research in developing drugs from Medicinal plants)
1.   Crushing Mill(diesel powered)
2.    Gas powered oven for drying.
3.    Microwave oven for sterilization and drying.
4.    Soxhlet extractor (2 sets).
5.    Distillation set,and a compact distiller(1).
6.    Column Chromatography tube and accessories.
7.    Thin layer plates.

5.    We have a Consultation room, bed space for drip setting that can keep one patient under intensive care on drip for 12 hours, a lobby room/display room for our patients and visitors.

7. Office facilities/resources at our secretariat.
1.    one lap top
2.    2 computers
3.    2 printers and a scanner
4.    1 overhead projector for seminar.
5.    A small Microphone/l speaker to serve as public address system.
6.    Cameral (still) – one
7.    Digital camera – one

8. Pharmaceutical / Drug Production Unit and Achievements.
-    We are in the process of acquiring a semi automatic capsule filling machine with a whole set of size 2 and size 3 capsule moulds, polisher and air compressor from Shangai, ChinaThis will be used as a finisher for the drug and nutriceuticals that we have developed. We developed a nutriceutical called Kaybiotics for HIV, Cancer, and Hepatitis etc the drug is developed from screened extracts of some medicinal plants and tropical macrofungi and microfungi.Refer to PRF for details.

9. Miscellaneous Resources:
1.    In 2007 PRF acquired 2 hectares of land in a hamlet in Kom, Boyo Division,45km from Bamenda, a farm house constructed, and we plan to have medicinal and fruit trees) tagged rural  Agroforestry for medicine.

2.    We have just a acquired a 1200m2 plot at GRA upstation and have put up a fence in 2009  to have the permanent building for the PRF research Centre and a drug development research resource centre for sub/ Saharan Africa,equally we have a 1.4 hectares of land at mendakwe village which the food security program of PRF will be housed.PRF is putting up an integrated organic farming technology where waste from one subsector will serve as raw materials for another sector ,thus optimizing productivity and creating jobs amongst others.

3.    Finally, we have just acquired a 4 wheel Car for the PRF to facilitate transportation.

4.    In 2009, two medical students from Germany have had their internship/Clerkship done  at PRF clinics

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